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working a lot........ so that i can go away on saturday. making sure the house is secured-which is hard when your landlord is in Bulgaria. am tired of working-though i love baja. am tired of babysitting-though Rosie (and Kinners) are adorable. i just wish i could go on this family vacation with someone who loves me.

which is another story all together. was trying maybe to take two steps back, and if he took two steps forward-i would be patient and wait for him.he has not taken the steps forward. (suprise suprise) so when i tried to quietly end it (why should he care) he gets upset and doesn't understand why.and i care for him. but i have started looking around for someone who actually WANTS to be with me-and have crushes on other people, because technically i am still single. i feel guilty about this, but it might just be unfounded catholic guilt. anyway. grrrrrrrrrr.

and i have no talent for jaq. not journal. have skipped that all together

am a loser.

eh. (but a loser with symmetry to journal entries.

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