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can someone please direct antony and cleo? that is somehitng i want to see played with during my last year here.

my feet are bleeding. i am working my ass off-so that i can leave on wednesday to visit my brother and irene in dc for two days (yay).then i come back and commence working .

***** in october i am tecahing a 6 week jazz workshop for adults at the staunton academy of ballet-wednesday mornings from 10-1130****** it is open level and is mainly NY style jazz (aka not hip hop or any thing you see on mtv)......people should come! (mayberry-i am looking at you).

yeah i'm done
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If it's at all possible to fit it into my schedule, I will be there.
as for A&C... perhaps we can suggest this to Jaq for our MFA show?
It probably won't happen for the MFA show but if I'm still here come next spring...I'll direct it.
in other news, can I just say "yay!" for a piewacketbitch posting?

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Cory! I want to take your class. Jeremy does to. This is funny. But seriously, I for sure do. Can you tell me more - cost, mainly.

Email me at nanfroberg@yahoo.com

It's Ralph's favorite play.
I would absolutely love to direct it for my (2nd) MFA project. But I know that'd be a sure-fire way to guarantee that I waste another $1200.

I like dancing. I might be able to work that in.
Bad idea to do A&C. It's happening at the BF next season. You don't want THAT problem.

Deux -- if your class weren't during TNK rehearsals, I would soooooo be there. And nan's in.
I want to come to class!!! But I'll be a bit remedial as dancing hasn't happened for me in quite some time. :)