piewacketbitch (piewacketbitch) wrote,

UNhappily ever After

Hello everyone......

Party! Halloween Party!!!!(Though not on Halloween).

Next Sunday evening (the 29th), Chelsea and I will be hosting an Halloween Bash........ Make
sure to come as your favorite children's storybook character (Evil? Twisted? or the most scary
characters of all-the good Prince Charmings and Princess Beauty-Faces). Bring Candy, Bring
perferred Booze, or just your selves (for our fridge is always stocked with sweets and booze). Be
ware the giant woodsman who might show up........

show up anytime after 8pm, stay until All-Souls day if you like.

_Chelsea and Corey

how to get to our apt:
-head out like you are visiting Hell (or walmart)
-right before Hell, is Ryan's steakhouse, Turn right right before this culinary adventure (ie.
Community Way)
-we are the second door into the second building on your left
-upstairs, apt# 234
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