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Quick update

Hello Everyone,

a quick update since I seemed to have dropped of the face of the earth:
-My family is wonderful, we will be goin to the beach in 3 weeks for a week-the best birthday gift ever, a week without work with my family on the outer banks.
-Busy trying to sell my car. anyone know someone who would like to buy a reliable-I just put about 900 worth of work into fixing everything on it-2000 Beetle???? If you do, send them my way.
-Still full time at baja, managing and bartending, I don't really wait tables during the day anymore, but I am totally ok with that.
-Interning at YCTC, which I actually really like. The first dance class I taught them was a really gratifying experience. I just have to fit in all the hours that I need.grrrrrr.
-I now have an official interview with St. Anne's-Belfield in C-ville, they want me to be the drama teacher for their lower school. If i get it, I will only have to work 2 days a week, so I can keep my job at baja. It is a little younger age group than i'd like, but they contacted me and it is way way way more $ than i thought. So i hope i do well when i teach my sample class in 2 weeks to those kids........any ideas for the class, friends???
-I have two new roommates-cassie and heidi. and they rock, the house is shapin up-mostly the porch and yard, my flowers are blooming and we are expectant parents to a jasmine tree named martha
-so.... things are very busy.....but when are they not really?
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