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now i've got a bard-on

twisted fun here in staunton

15 July
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this should have been entitled 'queen mab's page' or something...... unfortunately someone took that. whom? you might ask would do such a thing.... eh. who cares. piewacket is much better (and the name of kim novack's cat in 'bell book and candle' with jimmy stewart *swoon). so yes, grew up in So Fla, got a BFA at FAU, came up to staunton to be with the parents and get my masters degrees in "shakespearian performance and literature". whoop. fun. well it is, i serve and bartend at my favorite bar (baja bean) and i go to school to do what i love. i adore this state, my family is (mostly) here-who are my best friends-, and i have the most amazing boyfriend in the world. so life is good. no matter what i bitch about in an lj, i am a happy, twisted little girl